Student body

The student body of the REP degree course incorporates committed students from the Joint Masters Degree in Religion - Economy - Politics who would like to actively participate in the design of the course. The board of the student body represents the interests of the students vis-à-vis the course directors and the universities. Another important concern of the student body is to network students across semesters and universities because REP students often live and work across cantonal and national borders. The student body organises regular gatherings and evening events, and supports students should they have difficulties or questions concerning their studies.

Students who would like to contribute their own ideas in order to optimize the organization of their degree course are cordially invited to participate.

IIn regularly published newsletters, the student body representatives announce general university events and in particular their own events. In addition to regular gatherings in Basel, Lucerne and Zurich, the student body also organizes special events, e.g. with former Masters students.

Student body representatives

Anabel Da Pra
Theo Haas
Laura Uhr