In administrative terms, the CREP is assigned to the Faculty of Theology at the University of Zurich. Nevertheless, the following administrative affiliations exist at individual locations: at the University of Lucerne to the Faculty of Theology and the Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences; at the University of Basel to the Faculty of Theology and through its members to the Bifaculty Department of Religious Studies; at the University of Lausanne to the Observatoire des religions en Suisse; at ETH Zurich to the Collegium Helveticum.

Board of Owners

The Board of Owners is the highest governing body of the ZRWP. It is formed by the delegates of the owners. Each executing agency may recruit several delegates to the Board of Owners, but each executing agency has only one vote. The main tasks of the Board of Owners include the election of new Owners or Associate Members, the election of the Managing Director and determination of the strategic orientation and coordination of all activities.

List of members

Study program management

The study program management is responsible for coordinating the joint parts of the study program in cooperation with the participating faculties. The cooperation partners of the program delegate one professor each to the program management.

Their tasks include the following:

  • Strategic orientation and further development of the program;
  • Development of the basic structure of the program;
  • Elaboration and provision of a cross-university guideline for the degree program. This is subject to the study regulations and other stipulations of the respective cooperation partners;
  • Planning and administrative safeguarding of the teaching program, as well as allocation of courses to the modules provided for in the basic structure;
  • Recommendations for admission or rejection of applications for inclusion in the program, as well as definition of possible requirements for program applicants for the attention of the Dean's Office of each cooperation partner and/or the admission authorities of the participating universities.

List of members

Editorial Board

The series "Religion - Economy - Politics" is the responsibility of an editorial board. Its members are elected by the Board of Owners of the ZRWP.

At present the following members belong to the editorial board:

  1. Prof. Dr. Martin Baumann, LU
  2. Prof. Dr. Paul Dembinski, FR
  3. Prof. Dr. Gerd Folkers, CH
  4. Prof. Dr. Jens Köhrsen, BS
  5. Prof. Dr. Antonius Liedhegener, LU
  6. Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mohn, BS
  7. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Müller, LU
  8. Prof. Dr. Georg Pfleiderer, BS (Vorsitz)
  9. Prof. Dr. Konrad Schmid, UZH
  10. Prof. Dr. Christiane Tietz
  11. Prof. Dr. Jörg Stolz, LAU